Korean Skincare Regimen: Combination Skin

Peach & Lily
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Manage a variety of skincare issues from acne to dry flakes to shine

Combination skin: Typical T-zone issues/much more enlarged pores in some areas of the face/skin feels dry in some places only/challenging to manage very different skin needs in various areas of the face. If you have combination skin, which is sometimes even considered normal skin, you struggle with some shine, especially around your T-zone, but also deal with dry skin. Your sebaceous glands may be over-productive in some parts of the face, and potentially under-productive in other parts. You can have oily and dry patches, and either well hydrated or dehydrated skin underneath.

About this kit: This skincare regimen is for those who have combination skin and find themselves struggling to manage a variety of skincare issues ranging from acne to dry flakes to shine. Each product in this kit has been vetted by our estheticians for combination skin -- and have been selected for how well they work together. The regimen focuses on helping to create a more supportive skin environment. This means more balance, more radiance, and less shine or flakes.

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